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The Bluefin Melt

Best served with olive oil and a dash of sea salt

O-Maguro (Tuna)
18 December 1983
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Tuna is inordinately fond of anime, manga, books, music and writing. I talk about these a lot.

If you're here for the fics, they are indexed in the memories, and a few stray ones are archived at FF.Net and the defunct Blogspot account (neither of which are now updated). If you're looking for new fic, this journal is your most likely bet. Fic updates are irregular, depending a lot of free time, interest, sleep levels, caffeine saturation and quite possibly movement of the astral spheres.

If you friend me, I will friend you back so you can access download posts, but due to time constraints and a punishing schedule, I'm unlikely to read your journal regularly.

The lovely LJ layout is called It's Hard to be a Saint in the City, which I find particularly perfect for BBC Merlin. It was designed by grrliz at thefulcrum. Mood set credited to akioohtori.